Monday, June 13, 2011

Which is better fish, wine or great conversations? Can’t quite decide.

Sometimes people come by your life quite by accident and I have been one of those lucky people who have always had nice accidents happening at random. At times these accident meetings are like bomb blasts; the people who enter your life make such an impact that everything gets rearranged there after. But some of them are like a pleasant fragrance; subtle, lovely and enjoyable. But I am not here to elaborate on that. What I really want to do is talk about a pleasant weekend that busted couple of myths and pre-conceived notions about stuff in general. Perhaps why this weekend was ever more so eventful. Because it just changed my perception about a lot of things.

Myth #1 Red wine is best with red meat
I had red wine with fish fried in Indian masala and olive oil. I am telling you this was an all time new experience for me. And It was *uber* good. Amazing!

Myth #2 White Mosaic can be kept spotlessly clean for years

My husband’s tharavdu has been battling with white mosaic for 24 years; today let’s just say it looks more like chocolate brown mosaic. Not too bad if you never know that it was once white mosaic. But @ the friends place not only was the mosaic without blemish, it just made their pad look less of a pad and more of a very tasteful yet homely space with lot of light and fresh air.

Myth# 3 Olive oil is only good with continental food (read Italian food)

I had an entire sumptuous Keralean fare cooked in olive oil. What more, didn’t notice the difference?

Myth#4 Corporate Honchos who taste success young are pretentious

It just humbled me to see how very successful people could be so grounded and earthy and modest and gracious all at once. I was simply swept off my feet by the genuineness.

Myth# 5 you can’t have great conversation with people with whom you don’t share lots in common.

I had one of the finest times and exchanged great conversations this weekend. I realised it’s not really important to have lot of things in common in friendship, other than a good mind. I am glad I had very few things in common with this lovely duo. There was so much I learned from them hence.

Myth#6 Trivandrum is a dry city

Trivandrum is far from dry. There is so much to explore in the city. It’s a peaceful and clean city loaded with history. Besides, it takes just a few people to make this city appear interesting suddenly.

And like I said earlier, fragrances are pleasant because of the good feeling that lingers even after the moment passes.

Thank you both of you!