Saturday, December 27, 2008

Thoughts. The Clingy kind.

Some things remain in your mind like mussels on a rock. Even when the waves dash the rocks and wash it clean, these things stubbornly cling on. Waiting for the fisher folk to deftly carve them out of the stone. I’ve seen them do it. It’s like sculpturing. The clams look so much like stone that it is hard to imagine that they are in fact a living organism who has just made the unassuming sea rock their home. Thoughts are like that too. Some thoughts just cling stubbornly in your head.
I have read somewhere. Or was it someone telling can’t remember how I got this information. Anyway it is perhaps one more of my friends, the well read kind, expounding their bookish knowledge. That is the only way my brain can sponge up facts. The ones I read fade away almost instantly. The facts people tell me stick like mussels again. Coming back to the new found knowledge, it is said, that man is capable of thinking over 60,000 thoughts in a given period of time. Say in few minutes. Irrespective of the kind of person he is, or the job he has undertaken. Irrespective of his calling, state of life etc...
Some of these thoughts are unnecessary, I feel, yet in some crevice of my mind it remains. I used to fight it before. The more I fought, the more it stubborn it became. But now I realise the only way to remove it, is to ignore it. Perhaps accept its dark looming presence. And then it sheds on its own. Snubbed by my disregard.
But again the one thing that keeps me going is the underlying fact that these thoughts don’t make me. And I am not, these thoughts. I guess if you can ignore and dismiss it as mere thoughts, and not give it much importance, they are badly snubbed. But if you even attach the slightest importance and let it linger. They cling. And oh my God! Do they cling or what!