Tuesday, May 12, 2009

If love makes the world go round, what could it be?

I was sitting with friends for a brainstorming of a website the other day as usual in between business, everyday- life- conversations seeped in. And my friend, an elderly lady, was talking about someone whom she had a problem with. Her voice filled with emotion blurted out suddenly, “I shall love her, but don’t ask me to like her.” For a moment I thought the statement was absurd. But after giving it some thought, I was struck by its depth......

Love is a much misunderstood concept, I realised. But the Greek philosophers and the post reformation theologist say that there are different kinds of love.....But, now I don’t wish delve into those high thinking. I just want to try and understand this concept like a regular person.

What is love? Is love a feeling? An emotion? An expression? A person? A thing? Perhaps even a synonym for beauty? I continue to shrug my shoulder with every one of these questions. I simply don’t have an answer.

Could Love be a state being? If so can you love people without liking them?


Meeky said...

"Love is not a habit, a commitment, or a debt. It isn't what romantic songs tell us it is. Love simply is.
Love is! No definitions. Love and don't ask too many questions. Just love. Liking has nothing to do with it"

Shalini George said...

thankyou Aajan. Good to see you here.

Wonderful insight. But i still like asking questions and finding my own answers.

mikimbizi said...

u have just expressed a simple concept so beautifully. It almost sounds like an answer to the unanswerable :D

Chriz said...

i don think i can do that

Beautiful Life said...
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Beautiful Life said...

"Love encompasses everything."

It could confuse when it is not reflected as we would like to or as we like it to be.

Love somehow in its roots has an unconditional character, so it is natural, with our all limitations, we sometimes get confused.

I do not feel it is bad to be confused, it stirs us to better and prudent understanding for the good and to choose the good side, to "choose to love."